What We Know – And Don’t Know – About Hate Crimes In America

Source: www.beachwoodreporter.com – Thursday, July 13, 2017
“Go home. We need Americans here!” white supremacist Jeremy Joseph Christian yelled at two black women – one wearing a hijab – on a train in Portland, Oregon, in May. According to news reports, when several commuters tried to intervene, he went on a rampage, stabbing three people. Two of them died . If the fatal stabbing was the worst racist attack in Portland this year, it was by no means the only one. In March, BuzzFeed reported on hate incidents in Oregon and the state’s long history as a haven for white supremacists. Some of the incidents they found were gathered by Documenting Hate , a collaborative journalism project we launched earlier this year. Documenting Hate is an attempt to overcome the inadequate data collection on hate crimes and bias incidents in America. We’ve been compiling incident reports from civil rights groups, as well as news reports, social media and law enforcement records. We’ve also asked people to tell us their personal stories of witnessing or being the victim of hate. It’s been about six months since the project launched. Since then, we’ve been joined by more than 100 newsrooms around the country. Together, we’re verifying the incidents that have been reported to us – and telling people’s stories.

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